Sunday, 27 July 2014

Week 30 - melting away in work and sunshine

All images from my Instagram.

Oh, this week. This week has been full of work. You know those weeks where you feel relaxed and on Friday night you have a full, long weekend ahead of you, filled with just goodness? This was not one of those the weeks.

Saying that - it was not a bad week, just a busy one. The weather was so hot that we were all melting away and both of the times that I went out running I opted for a 6am start - I just couldn't face the melting mixture of sunshine and humidity that this country offer at any point after work. (If you want to feel super-productive I would recommend running at 6am when no one else is out. THE SMUGNESS.) On top of that I had quite a few meetings this week but I organised them all so that I would have my Thursday free anything requiring my office and instead I did my work in my garden. Why not take advantage of being a PhD student? My entire weekend has been spent working on an important deadline for tomorrow apart from a quick break when me and Steve went to the shopping center on yesterday. I restocked my bathroom cabinet (psst, Boots have got a 3 for 2 offer on No7 products at the moment and you need it all), bought lemon tart and take-away coffee because there is really no excuse not to treat yourself if you have to do work and you just got paid.

Healthwise, this week has been pretty good. I squeezed in two running sessions and two fitness videos over the week + a couple of short walks with Steve. Once I had finished that lemon drizzle cake from last Sunday my eating markedly improved as well. Not counting this weekend of course. (Never count the weekend - it makes healthy eating miserable). And also not counting Friday because I may have bought a burrito so that I would feel slightly better about work... Which I am almost entirely done with for the night. Two more weeks until I'm off for a week!

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