Tuesday, 5 August 2014

July favourites

July is over and I'm in "let's get August over with and get to the absolute best time of the year"-mode. But I'll try to slow down and enjoy the last bit of summer for 2014. 

favourite on tv/movie: Star Trek: Voyager all the way. (We just finished the third season.)

favourite purchase: This was the month when I decided to start with the capsule wardrobe and so I haven't bought any new clothes since the very start. Yes, I'm in shock as well. But I did buy a new black satchel at the start of the month. I feel like it took me a long time to accept that I needed a satchel for all my notebooks and folders. However, once I did I somehow managed to find the perfect, "grown-up" satchel from French Connection. (And on sale too.)

favourite book: A Storm of Swords, no doubt about it. (Review coming soon.)

favourite music: I have actually discovered some new music this month and at the moment my favourite music has been by Glass Animals, especially the songs Pools and Gooey.

favourite food: Despite the fact that I have eaten out (at fancy and less fancy places) quite a few times this month, my favourite meal was at the start of July. A small pub in Moira offered two courses for £10 on a weekday. Me and Steve both had the steak sandwich and we would've happily died that evening. It was that good.

favourite beauty item: Lately I have been in awe of the L'Oreal Colour Riche nail polish in Peach Neglige. I actually picked this up on a whim right before I was attending a wedding and my nails had been forgotten about (yes, this was done in a moving car while I was still recovering from being sick) but I've ended up loving it. It's a little bit streaky and requires two coats but it lasts two or three days (which is good for me) and it's perfect for work.

favourite blog: The blog which caused me to throw out three quarters of my wardrobe - Unfancy. A minimalist fashion blog. 

favourite event: My trip to Dublin with Steve was definitely the highlight of the month. Fancy hotel, fancy food, complete control over every shop and cafe that I wanted to visit in Dublin... It was such a good weekend. (A slightly smaller bonus highlight was beating my running time on the last day of the month!)

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