Sunday, 17 August 2014

Week 33 - week off plus weddings

Seven days have passed and it went waaay too fast. My one week of holidays is over?! I'm lucky that I love what I do but I am not looking forward to those early mornings again. I wish I was the type of person who loved getting up in the mornings. 

Quick recap of what I have done this week: On Monday I started and finished a new (brilliant book). There is nothing better than spending an entire day reading. On Tuesday I went to Belfast and bleached my hair back to blonde after the brunette-weekend fiasco. Remind me not to make important hair-related decisions in the middle of the night because my hair is crying for help at the moment. We went back to Belfast on Wednesday to go for food in Alley Cat (++) and to buy a couple of last minute things for the wedding. On Thursday we drove to Enniskillen where Steve's parents have a static caravan and it is also next to the hotel where we were attending the wedding. It's a beautiful place although it may be difficult to believe considering that I only have one picture and all you can see are the caravans. 

However, the wedding was beautiful and I had a great day/night, much due to the company of Steve's 80-year old great aunt and her sister who also stayed at the caravan. My kind of people. A little worse for wear we got up on Saturday and went for an amazing hotel breakfast (+++) before getting back in the car, this time heading for the north coast to celebrate a friend's birthday. Although I had a great weekend, I am so happy to be back in our house. I need to relax after being social for several days in a row. There is also a dire need for vegetables and some light exercise after these few days of ridiculous indulgence... 

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