Sunday, 24 August 2014

Week 34 - first four mile run

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I was back to work this week and it was bittersweet. Although Steve was off and I worked from home for three of the days so it kind of felt like it was a weekend but with a deadline that forced me to do work from 9-5. There are many good things about working from home, like the fact that I can half-lie on the couch and I can sleep an hour longer or fit in my exercise before work. If I wanted to go for a run before commuting into Belfast I'd have to get up around 5am. Not fun. However, working from home also drives me a little bit insane. I need to see the other students in my office and to be honest, it's no fun working from home when the other person in the household is off and he goes out and has fun. I'm that selfish.

It wasn't all work though. On Wednesday me and Steve went out for cinema (Dawn of the Planets of the Apes) and then dinner afterwards (this is our new thing - early cinema viewing and then eating afterwards). On Thursday I had a friend over and we ate loads of unhealthy stuff. On Friday I was supposed to go to a work due thing in the evening but cancelled last-minute because I wasn't feeling well. Yesterday me and Steve ran some errands, went for lunch (two food-based dates in a week is NOT okay for our budget or waists) and then I went through all of our paperwork and filed it. Bank statements, pay slips, student loan repayment schedules - you name it, it has a file. I feel very zen now that it's done. Today I haven't even left the house. I've done some reading, a little bit of exercise in front of the TV and I also made some dough for focaccia bread so that's happening tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday and I'm going for breakfast with a friend - but first I'm going for a run. On Friday morning I ran my first consecutive 4 miles, hooray! I have run further before but that's been with two walking breaks of about two minutes each, so I'm very pleased with my result. Tomorrow is also payday and I've got soooo many dreams for this payslip to fulfill...

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