Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week 35 - bank holidays and DIY

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A four day week to make life so much easier! Unfortunately it is over now. On the Monday I got up early, went out running and then I had breakfast with a friend. (Going out for breakfast is quickly becoming one of my favourite things ever.) I had french toast with maple syrup because I don't believe in avoiding the most sugar-laden things from menus, even at 9am. I also baked focaccia bread. Hooray for bank holidays! The rest of the week I worked. On the Wednesday evening me and Steve's dad went to B&Q and bought shelves for our front room. It is all slowly coming together after 20 months of living here..

Yesterday I went out running again and I ran 4.2 miles, which is my longest run ever. (I'm quite pleased with myself.) Those two runs were my only two workouts this week because I felt really tired after work; I fell asleep at 10pm one night. Granny-life over here. The original plan was to do another workout today but I went out last night and didn't get into bed until 3am... As you can imagine after the previous sentence, my poor old body is not used to that type of nonsense.

Today I have done absolutely nothing, apart from lounging on the couch. I considered putting up my shelves but decided that it would be a bad idea to do it on my own and instead I just cleaned all the parts so that they'll be ready for Steve's dad to put up tomorrow. In a moment I'm going to prepare lunches and dinners for this week and then figure out what me and Steve should do for our anniversary tomorrow. Tomorrow marks five years since we became a couple! <3

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