Tuesday, 9 September 2014

More capsule wardrobe planning

I'm so tired.

Less than three weeks until purchasing for autumn capsule wardrobe 2014 begins! I can't believe I've made it this far. (I don't know why I'm acting as if I've won an Oscar... but for me, not buying clothes in three months kinda feels like I'm eligible for some type of award...) Presenting six things that I want:

1. Printed trousers for work. (Or maybe just gray.)
2. Colourful trainers now that I'm a super-sporty person. I own a book about running and everything.
3. A tartan scarf because I'm all about accessorising.
4. Warm headwear. My hat from last year should be burnt (I hate it so much) and instead I am taking my time and picking a nice hat this year.
5. A flannel shirt for a wood-chopping look. (Or chambray?)
6. Plain gold bands.

Accessories aren't included in the capsule wardrobe limit so I might go ahead and buy the scarf at some point soon. Like an appetizer for my grand shopping award at the end of this month.

All images are from my Pinterest.

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