Thursday, 11 September 2014

Reading The Road

This week's read was a depressing one.

If you have seen the movie version of this book by Cormac McCarthy, you'll know that it's not a happy story. We follow a man and his son (known only as the man and the boy throughout the story) as they walk through a post-apocalyptic America, with the goal of getting to the coast. There are few people left and the ones that have survived are dangerous. Constantly battling starvation and trying to not be found by others, it is a grim world to have survived in. 

This is definitely not a book if you're feeling even slightly down and if you thought the movie was gruesome, this is even worse. It's a book that makes you lose all faith in humanity. But it's also interesting and beautifully written at times. (I say at times because it's quite disjointed and sometimes the narrative feels like reading off cooking instructions, but other times the expressions flow beautifully.) All in all, I think it's something quite different and well worth reading. 

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