Saturday, 27 September 2014

Reading Running Like A Girl

Things have been a little bit hectic/sickly lately. Hence the severe lack of blogging. However, I will remedy that and I'm starting it by typing a blog post at 1am in the morning. Prioritisation, I know all about it.

I am definitely that person who doesn't read many non-fictional books. Mainly because I feel like what is the point of non-fiction unless it's definitely fact and most non-fiction books will state all kinds of things without any type of source. (Where is the peer-evaluated study people?!) But I had heard such good things from my friend and various blogs about this book that I decided to pick it up anyway. And it was good.

Alexandra Heminsley takes you through her journey from a complete beginner runner, to someone who's done more than a handful of marathons. That enough is awe-inspiring but she does it with such an honest voice, never shying away from discussing the many times that she lost motivation, mentioning both good runs and bad runs and consistently doing so with a hilarious narrative. I ended up having it on my bedside table and reading it a little bit each night before I was going on a morning run, it was that inspiring. On top of her journey, you also get a whole bunch of useful tips and tricks. Finally, although the title originally had me worried I found none of that "working out to get skinny"-hype. Instead it was all about setting yourself a goal, pushing through it and becoming a stronger, more healthy person in the process. It was a refreshing book to read and now I want to read more books about running!

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