Sunday, 7 September 2014

Week 36 - anniversary and home stuff

This felt like a very busy week. I had a good and productive Monday at work (which absolutely flew by!) and it happened to be mine and Steve's anniversary. Unfortunately it was also a day during which Steve had to go for a work trip and he ended up arriving home after 8pm although with flowers and chocolate. The other nights I saw friends, attended a wedding reception and then yesterday me and Steve drove up to Enniskillen to have a more "proper" anniversary celebration.We went out for candlelit dinner at a ridiculously nice Italian place with napkins that cost more than our food and today we did absolutely nothing apart from take a walk down to a local ice cream place. (The only reason to ever leave the house on Sundays, if you ask me.) I finally got my shelves up earlier this week and I love it! The only thing missing from my front room is a rug and a small cushion for my armchair. Apart from that, I feel like I can finally call one room in my house "complete". 

I also went running twice this week, both times before work! The long run was on Friday and I managed to run 5 miles (8 km) which is the longest run I've ever done. My pace was 10.22/mile so I was happy with that too. Before you start applauding me... Those were my only two workouts apart from a couple of walks and I've been incredibly unhealthy all week. Happy, but unhealthy. Take-away on Wednesday, buns with my friend on Thursday, pulled pork burgers at the wedding on Friday and a giant portion of pasta carbonara yesterday. And I'm pretty sure we're having take-away tonight because I'm exhausted after all this relaxing... Eh, tomorrow is a new day.

P.S. The red mail box is a picture of me sending my vote for the Swedish elections. And then realising that I hadn't put a stamp on it. Only me.

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