Wednesday, 15 October 2014

10 reasons to smile 29.0

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one - it's not even 10pm and I'm in my bed. In pyjamas. With home-made eclairs in the fridge.

two - directly related to the first point; my boyfriend is the type who decides to randomly make homemade eclairs. HOW CUTE IS THAT. (soppy but true)

three - there's less than two weeks until my mom and brother arrive!

four - although I feel like I'm working myself to death or maybe a small coma I'm so happy with what I do.

five - my autumn capsule wardrobe is complete! Eleven new items and I'm £40 below my original budget.

six - I finished The Secret History last night by Donna Tartt and it was so good. So good if you (like me) enjoy novels set at colleges in forgotten towns, with main characters who wear ties, study Greek and drink far too much. All described as romantic as it possibly could be.

seven - I'm so excited for Christmas. Excited to be off at the same time as Steve for two weeks and excited to be going to Sweden for one of them!

eight - a while back I mentioned the app "Spending" and it has been a complete lifesaver. Adding every single purchase that I make means I keep track of my money (and I have never been good at that). Plus when I feel like my pay just disappeared and I have nothing to show for it I can just check my app and ask myself why I spent another £20 on books. Revelations.

nine - yes, I realise I'm talking about Christmas twice in one post but Christmas stuff are in-store and I have converted from hating anything Christmassy before December to being a firm believer that there is no such thing as too much Christmas.

ten - me and Steve have decided to start going to the gym. I'm looking forward to being able to run on a treadmill rather than in the pitch black at 6am, wondering if monsters really do exist.

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