Friday, 10 October 2014

Reading the Magic 2.0 series

These two books are just as ridiculously nerdy as they sound and I stumbled upon them when looking for something similar to Ready Player One.

The Magic 2.0 books are about a young man named Martin who isn't interested in using his hacking talents to do anything particularly rebellious beyond wasting his time on lonely weekends. However, one night Martin finds a file with his name in it, a file with a code which seems to run everything in this world. By changing the code the real world also changes - including Martin's bank account. Unfortunately it doesn't take long before two agents from the US treasury department find out about money mysteriously appearing in Martin's bank account and he is forced to use his escape plan; traveling back in time to England in the Middle Ages and pretend to be a wizard through the use of the file. 

One of the best things about this series is that it allows a marriage of sci-fi and fantasy. There is a Matrix-like premise of the plot (reality can be altered), there are constant nerdy pop culture references but also spells and wizard hats. What's not to like? The dialogue is funny for the most part if you are into that type of humour and the characters are all likable (although it's not a deep book, there's not much development). Sometimes I felt like the way in which the author dished out his jokes became too repetitive but it didn't stop me from finding the books really entertaining. However, it is definitely a niche book - I don't think it would be as funny if you haven't embraced your inner geek and show a love of video games, comic books or board games.

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