Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tuesday October wish list

Random things that I would like right at this moment.

- Plants all over my house. Usually plant-focus makes a reappearance around spring-time but I feel like it's a definite trend this year. Plants all the time. P.S. I endorse fake ones.

- New baubles for Christmas. I've got ideas. Copper, rose gold and plain gold in frantic amounts.

- A cat. Now that cats are being discussed in my household of two, I cannot stop thinking about them.

- A nail polish which succeeds in being gray without making my hands look dead. Because they do that un-painted already, thank you very much.

- Decaf coffee, which isn't necessarily what is shown in the picture. Hey ho. I just want coffee but it's too late to drink the ordinary kind. I'm happy to keep my legs covered though, it's freezing outside for god's sake.

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