Monday, 6 October 2014

Week 40 - rain and work and other not so thrilling stuff

I was so busy in work last week. And it rained as if the world was ending. But good news is that I managed to get back into exercising (at least a little bit), I went to a house party on Saturday (which was fun) and I've got all my meals planned for the week. Don't mock me, these are the type of things that I live for. Almost every evening I've been playing online games with my little brother which has also cheered me up to no end <3

Less fun things include that all my money that is kept aside for "fun stuff" this month is pretty much gone after buying the last pieces of my capsule wardrobe. Eleven items and I'm done with clothes shopping until January! I'm quite proud of myself if you can't tell. Spread out over three months it means that I've spent a lot less than my allocated budget for clothes and shoes but the overall quality is a step higher. A more detailed description of what I've bought will show up on the blog, eventually. (Is this pointless? I want to look back at this type of stuff when I'm old because I hope that I will still care about my organisational habits at the age of twenty-four.)

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