Wednesday, 19 November 2014

10 reasons to smile 30.0

Image by Waldersten, on my Pinterest.

one - Five weeks until Christmas! Five weeks minus a day from now I will be sitting on an airplane to Sweden and Steve will be there too, hooray. I've grown quite accustomed to travelling back and forth so the journey is not particularly exciting to do on my own. Together with someone else it's still quite special however.

two - I am obsessed with the gym. I don't feel that way right before I have to go to the gym, but the day in between the gym-days - that day is full of sore muscles and post-gym-smugness.

three - There's blue cheese, hummus and twelve servings of soup in my fridge. (Not to be eaten together.)

four - Against all odds, I'm up to date with my one-book-a-week-all-2014. I stopped doing the book reviews, partly because I was too busy but mainly because they were boring me to death. (Not to mention how everyone else felt.) Anyway, forcing myself to read a book each week meant that I've read a huge amount of great books plus a bunch of classics that I've wanted to read forever. Will I do the same challenge in 2015? Never.

five - I'm in the office tomorrow. Free lattes all around.

six - Last weekend we put up a picture and a wall clock (a new clock! The best clock in the world!) and it made a huge difference to the bedroom and kitchen. I'm now on a home-improvement roll. Not ideal right before Christmas.

seven - I have a lot of my gifts sorted already. This year me, Steve, his sisters and their husbands are all doing secret santa rather than spending a fortune buying for everyone. I love secret santa!

eight - It's been about nine and a half months since I started growing my hair out and I'm finally at a place where I'm happy with it. I could easily keep at it this length for a while if I wanted to (but I don't). Either way, it's nice to finally feel like when people comment on my hair I don't have explain that I haven't actually chosen this hairstyle myself.

nine - In about a week and a half I will allow myself to decorate the house for Christmas. So much decorating to do, so little time.

ten - I'm halfway through my autumn capsule wardrobe and I'm not even slightly bored with it yet. Does this mean that I won't have to spend a fortune in January for my winter capsule? Probably not.

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