Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Easy Christmas decorating

If I could do whatever I wanted with an unlimited Christmas budget, I would spend a fortune on Christmas decorations each year. New tree, new baubles, the whole shebang. Alas, I do not have an unlimited Christmas fund and I also don't have unlimited amounts of time to craft together masterpieces. (Although I wish I had - I'm dreaming of a Christmas tree entirely decorated in intricate origami-creations.) So I thought I'd scroll through my Pinterest and pick out a couple of things that are totally doable for me. 

1. Candles in a little mugs with moss etc. There is something about the addition of moss that screams "childhood" to me but I'm not sure why. Either way, I have a topped up candle storage all year round, nuts will be bought for Christmas anyway and there are cinnamon sticks in the cupboard somewhere. All I need is moss and suddenly - cute little table decorations.

2. I already have a (less fancy) coffee station but I imagine that adding a few cups or mismatched jars of cinnamon sticks and candy canes will make it even better for the holidays. Unless someone actually wants candy canes in their coffee, because mine are fake. Whoops.

3. Somewhere in the depths of my Christmas decoration boxes is a mountain of bells meant to decorate our Christmas tree, given to me by Steve's mom and never ever used because it just doesn't go with the rest of our tree decorations. I now finally know what to do with them.

4. This picture actually offers two tips in one. First of all, I'm planning to have a nice little arrangement of branches on my kitchen table (rather than a Christmas tree in the corner) this year. There's just not enough space, people! Plus branches are free from the park. Secondly, I do love hyacinths but this is a nice updated version which is less "in your face". I also have stacks of glass candle holders just waiting for something like this to happen.

P.S. Before any of this can happen I need to sort out a couple of things which has been on my to-do list for almost two years now. Like curtains in our bedroom and office. Yes, I'm ashamed of myself...

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