Sunday, 2 November 2014

Week 44 - halloween + family

All images are from my Instagram.

I have missed my weekly Sunday update several weeks in a row - which is definitely a first. Unfortunately, even if I did have time to write them I would have nothing to write about because all I've been doing is WORK. Apart from a dinner party which Steve made profiteroles for, a break for IKEA and ever since Monday when my mom and my little brother arrived to stay for a full week. They're still here, so I'm gonna make this short:

During the week I have bleached my brother's hair, gotten my own hair cut shorter again (it's all one length, finally!), attended a birthday party for Steve's niece, paid money to walk through a forest trail with my friends while actors pretending to be serial killers chased us (I am also wondering why I decided to pay to get scared), carved a pumpkin, handed out sweets for trick-or-treaters and went shopping with my family. It has been an amazing week off and I haven't missed work one bit...

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