Sunday, 9 November 2014

Week 45 - gym and Interstellar

Another week has passed! This time without any pictures. I guess I just took far too many the week my some of my family was over. This week was busy but good, so I'm just gonna casually list the good stuff (because I should really be in bed but instead I need to listen to the main theme of Interstellar for the millionth time).

  • So I got up this morning and told Steve that I really wanted to do something and he suggested going to the cinema to watch Interstellar. I think daytime cinema is my favourite type of cinema-excursion and I really wanted to see that particular film. It is really, really good. The music is stunning and obviously Matthew McConaughey is <3
  • Last night I was home alone and somehow I managed to watch nine episodes of The Office (the US version), many of them while I was lying in the bath tub. As you'd expect, it was a good Saturday night. 
  • Me and Steve have also joined a gym this past week and I'm surprisingly happy to go there. I like doing the strength training and I'm ready to get that inner body builder out. (Ha.)
All in all, a good week!

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